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The age of traditional network installations is vanishing quickly, while the trend of virtualization is rapidly growing. Nowadays, many companies are making the switch to virtual desktop software that supports multiple desktops unified into one network.

A hosted virtual desktop (HVD) is a web-based desktop service that automatically connects to all cloud-storage applications and data. Not to be confused with hosted shared desktops, HVD’s run as a virtual machine that single users can remotely connect to with ease. Ultimately, it’s a cloud-based solution that users are able to manage just by browsing the web.

There’s a reason why HVD’s are also known as cloud-hosted virtual desktops. An HVD is a designated virtual screen that is only compatible with a virtual cloud network. Unlike traditional desktop workstations, you can only get access to data storage exclusively through the network’s cloud. This is done typically using a Windows desktop or other Windows device.

An HVD isn’t just your typical desktop environment. Hosted virtual desktops appear in 5 major forms of desktop models (existing, installed, pooled, dedicated, or streamed). These different models will ensure that the virtual desktop manager tackles a different slice of the pie. Most businesses will invest in a virtual desktop service to:

  • Save Money – Many companies use hosted desktops with the goal of achieving a greater cash flow. A great HVD solution eliminates all upfront costs that are associated with replacing legacy servers, software models, and additional licenses. In addition, HVD systems cut expensive management costs that are associated with the maintenance of an in-house desktop computer. This eliminates fluctuating IT costs and provides manageable fixed expenses.
  • Work Proactively – Hosted virtual desktops give users the ability to access business data and network applications from any internet connection. Users can access network information from a laptop, desktop computer, iPad, tablet, or other mobile devices. This provides users with access to a functional desktop from anywhere that’s traveled. HVD’s are power cloud computing systems that reduce downtime and improve productivity implications for users.
  • Gain Access – HVD systems allow users to get updates to the latest Microsoft desktop applications including Microsoft Office, Project, Visio, and other third-party applications. A virtual operating system can be accessed from remote desktops everywhere. This reduces the overall need for physical office space.
  • Acquire Other Virtual Hosts – With a hosted virtual desktop service, one can easily add more virtual servers, desktops, data storage, and network capacity without additional hardware or installation expenses. What’s even better – a virtual host can be acquired from “virtually” anywhere at any time.
  • Generate Turnkey Results – Virtual hosted solutions generate turnkey solutions from the use of an intelligent Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Private cloud hosts produce high-level satisfaction from uptime service levels with the assistance of 24/7 end-user support. Hosted virtual desktops help companies stay ahead of the curve.

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