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Server Message Blocks (SMB) is a computing protocol solution exclusively for communication purposes. With an SMB protocol, users can easily share files, printer access, and serial ports to other users within the same network. These server blocks are powered by a cloud-based network.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a public, private, or hybrid cloud host. All companies require tremendous cloud security support. Fortunately, there are a select amount of cloud services that work best for message blocks. The following cloud computing services are optimal solutions for all server message blocks:

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a superior version of cloud-based software. With the security support of cloud computing company, Microsoft Cloud, Office 365 packages give businesses the resources that they need to help them succeed.

Certain applications are the backbone to Office 365. With Office 365, you’ll get a toolbox that’s equipped with many helpful resources. Some of its strongest default applications including:

Office 365 is one of the best cloud computing resources that businesses can invest in. It’s a solution that helps companies get the job done, even when they lack specialty software. With just one subscription, users will have access to many practical tools that can help take their company to the next level.

Don’t worry though, Office 365 is totally safe; it’s a cloud environment that is supported by substantial amounts of computer security features.

Microsoft Azure

Another powerful cloud-hosted program is the Microsoft Azure. Like Office 365, the Azure is also supported by Microsoft’s premier cloud technology. The Microsoft Azure (formerly known as Windows Azure) is a public cloud platform that is best used for software development.

Microsoft’s Azure comes with many protective security cyber security controls. As a leading LaaS software model, the Azure helps detect, assess, diagnose, stabilize, and extinguish cybersecurity threats like data breaches and ransomware.

With the Microsoft Azure, you can rest assured knowing that your customer’s data is safe and secure.


Amazon AWS

In recent years, Amazon has taken the world by complete storm. Now, the e-commerce juggernaut also reigns as one of the world’s best cloud computing security providers.

Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), is a cloud-based computing platform with a user-friendly database, tremendous storage capacity, and intelligent applications. It’s a leading form of infrastructure as a service (LaaS) that helps organizations:

  • Move faster
  • Decrease IT costs
  • Scale usable applications.

The Amazon AWS is an excellent environment to support an SMB.

Hosted VOIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solutions are telecommunication variables that are powered by a cloud-based host. Hosted VOIP bundles all major technology outlets together into a unified network. This includes telephones, routers, internet services, and the entire computer network infrastructure. Popular VOIP providers include Mind CTI, NuWave Communications, Vonage, Nextiva, and RingCentral.

Nowadays, companies use VOIP services as an efficient way to connect their data services together. It’s a great environment to support a server message block.

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