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Your investment in the best possible firewalls and airtight antivirus software may be all for nothing if one inattentive employee opens the wrong file or opens a suspicious email. One of the more devious cyber threats target your employees, sometimes individually, in order to trick or coerce them into opening a malicious file. They can be the target of spear phishing, malware or social engineering, and all of these tactics have proven effective in the past. Once that is done, the hacker has full access to your system, free to take what they want or hold your important files for ransom. If your employees don’t understand data security, then your company could be in serious trouble.

What May Seem Like A Weak Link Can Be A Strong Asset

Hi Tek Data can do this by providing you with solid cyber security procedures and effective cyber security awareness training for all employees. We can show your employees what the most common threats to your system are, how the security that is already in place keeps things secure, and the best practices they can follow to combat threats such as:

  • Spam – How to separate real LinkedIn connection requests from fake and how to manage your inbox to filter out important messages.
  • Phishing – How to spot dangerous links and emails sent from questionable sources.
  • Spear Phishing – Hand-crafted emails targeted at one or a handful of recipients.
  • Malware – Malicious software that causes harm to a device.
  • Ransomware – Used by attackers to lock data and hold it until a ransom is paid.
  • Social Engineering – The simple act of one person fooling another into giving up access to a resource.

How does security awareness training work?

The first thing to do is evaluate your organization’s security requirements and how they relate to certain employees. Someone in accounting would have different security priorities over someone in sales that works remotely. This determines how best to approach training whether all individuals can be trained at the same time, or if more specialized training is needed and they must be separated.

The next goal is to set all expectations for each employee or workgroups depending on their schedules and limitations. The content for each training session should be carefully selected to engage your employees. This is important not just for comprehension but to make sure employees buy in to keeping your networks secure.

Post-training Assessments are Key to Determining ROI

Once the training is delivered, we will assess its effectiveness through normal testing and  sending simulated phishing attacks. This continual assessment of your employees will help illustrate how the employees learn and apply the concepts of data security. This will also help develop and re-evaluate the effectiveness of the training as both the subject of the training and the employees need to be updated constantly to respond to new internet threats.

As a business owner, you know that your employees are your best asset. Don’t let them be a security risk! Contact us today to find out more about our security awareness training and learn best practices for avoiding the inevitable online risks.