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Managed IT Services

Bringing best-in-class managed IT services to small and midsized companies in the NYC and Long Island areas.

How Do You Handle Your IT?

Regardless of what you do or sell, your computer network has to do a lot of complicated and critical things to keep your business running smoothly. You manage customer payments and data so your networks have to be secure and compliant, you have to record financial transactions and run payroll, and your employees need to have easy and secure access to the mission-critical programs and files they use every day. Your network needs to be able to handle cyberattacks and disaster recovery daily, needs to be safe, fast, cost-effective and it needs to have the flexibility to expand as your business grows.

But as a small business your focus shouldn’t be on your information technology–it should be on building your business. For a flat monthly fee, we can provide comprehensive managed IT support services. We’ll help you develop a managed support plan that takes your business model into account and is customized to your business’ needs. We are here to help you develop your IT strategy, make educated decisions as well as give you the personalized services and focused support you would get from an in-house IT department.

Get the services of a fully staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Our team will manage all aspects of your business’s IT.

Choosing Our Team For Your Managed IT Services

  • An entire IT department at a fraction of the cost – Where a fully staffed IT department that covers all your needs is an expensive burden for small and medium-sized businesses, our complete managed IT support services are available at a flat, monthly fee.
  • Proactive services and support – Many managed IT providers only react to network issues, our team will proactively monitor your network components and prevent costly network outages and other problems before they happen. With our flat-fee structure, it is in our best interests to mitigate your risk, detect issues, alert you to potential issues in real-time, and act before they disrupt your business.
  • 24-7 customer support and network monitoring – Our managed desktop support services include everything you need. We are always available either through our web portal, by phone, or from the services of an on-site engineer. Our concierge-style, personal customer service is just another of the many aspects that separate us from the competition. Your issue is handled quickly by a trained IT technician, not a call center employee.
  • A wide range of services – Our managed IT services can help your IT grow with your business. As your provider, we can help you plan and develop your IT whether you want to expand your network servers, explore the use of cloud computing, or help with opening new locations or acquiring new businesses. We can help you transition seamlessly.

If you need managed IT services in the Long Island area, give our team of professionals a call. We can give you the peace of mind to concentrate on your business, not the health of your IT.