Food/Beverage Manufacturer in Queens, New York

The Problem

  • A food and beverage manufacturer in Queens, New York (two facilities nationwide) came to us with a problem: they were planning on growing from there already large, 200-person staff and needed to add new employees with different levels of access. Although they had an internal IT person on staff, they needed someone to handle big-picture projects and support. They needed someone that deliver the technology they needed to take their future into their own hands, rather than rely on outdated software and desktops to get them where they wanted to go.
  • When a company wants to add new users and grow in stature and scope, the quality of their infrastructure needs to be able to accommodate it. With several users operating with varying frequencies of use (including a remote production team, regular desktop users, and those that solely used applications on their devices), they needed a platform that could integrate all three tiers of user.
  • They were using older desktops and Microsoft Exchange 2010 for their email. They needed new desktops and a platform that would make it easier to share files, communicate efficiently, and complete projects.

The Solution

  • While not every employee needed a full desktop, the different requirements for each position necessitated a solution that fit everyone’s needs and access. Our solution? Server Virtualization.
  • We were able to modernize their infrastructure with solutions from Citrix XenDesktop (and XenApp), and NetScaler. The former was used to modernize the applications used for mobile devices, which was helpful for the production team. We fully-integrated every one of their employees with a cohesive, custom-tailored plan.
  • Hi-Tek also delivered Windows migration from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. Migrating to a more user-friendly platform enabled increased communications and optimal file sharing, while still protecting everything they needed to protect.
  • We replaced their desktops with Thin Client—Dell Wyse, and rolled out VMware, including 3 Dell PowerEdge R640 Servers with HPE Nimble CS1000 storage.

The Result

  • With a modern infrastructure in place, every business process you rely on becomes that much easier. Hi-Tek put them in a position where they could accommodate the growth they wanted to achieve without having to exert an unnecessary capital expense. By improving their platform and the applications they worked with on a daily basis, we made it easier for them to:
    • Add new employees
    • Open more facilities
    • Scale their service up or down as needed, giving them the tools, they needed to take their future into their own hands.
    • Mitigate risk that so often befalls companies looking to add employees, open new locations, and increase revenue by scaling up their operation.
  • Our goal is to make your logical steps attainable; no more wasting time with outdated technology that doesn’t help you achieve what you want to achieve. To find out how we can help your business thrive, reach out to our team at Hi-Tek today. We’ll give you the tools you need to take your future into your own hands.