Building Development Company in Long Island City, New York and Hauppauge, Long Island

The Problem

  • When a building development company from Long Island came to us with a problem that needed solving ASAP, we had to react quickly: with two major locations, several field offices, and nearly 400 employees dispersed between them, they needed to pivot from their initial technology solution. Like so many companies, they needed help augmenting their strategy for growth; unlike most companies, they needed assistance on the fly. They had already begun to migrate to a new application, only realizing that it wasn’t the right fit for what they wanted to accomplish after the process had begun.
  • With 150 users, they needed a plan that accomplished what they wanted to achieve without disrupting workflow and causing downtime. As a drywall and millwork provider for major buildings, they couldn’t afford to rest on their laurels and proceed with an ill-suited solution that forced them to stop everything.
  • With a running clock and a plan already in motion that needed a course correction, we had our work cut out for us at Hi-Tek.

The Solution

  • Wasting time, money, and resources on a solution that ultimately doesn’t work is a disaster for any company. Working quickly, Hi-Tek helped them change course before they put themselves in an even more difficult position. Implementing a platform that’s not the right fit can set you back in myriad ways. Thankfully for our client, Hi-Tek was able to help them pivot before it was too late.
  • We implemented VEEAM disaster recovery to help them structure their data in a safe, secure location. Migrating to a new platform was already stressful enough as is, so we made it easier for them by installing a comprehensive solution that minimized downtime.
  • After initially helping them with desktop support, they soon realized how much of a boon our services could end up being for them. So after starting using just one of our services, they quickly transitioned to make us their primary MSP. We learned the nuances and intricacies of their environment and quickly established ourselves as the right choice for their IT needs.

The Result

  • There’s no better feeling than helping a client get back on track by delivering a unique technology solution that gives them peace of mind. Our client was having enormous difficult migrating to the platform that they thought was right for them; that pivot could have been a disaster if placed in the wrong hands.
    Hi-Tek was more than up to the task. They rewarded us for our exceptional work by making Hi-Tek their primary MSP, and we’ve been with them ever since. Why settle using us for just desktop support, when we can make your entire company operate more efficiently than ever before?