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At Hi-Tek, we believe that giving your IT team the resources and help they need to successfully navigate your next technology initiative should be as straightforward as possible. When you choose a trusted partner like Hi-Tek for supplemental staffing or staff augmentation, the partnership becomes so seamless that you may forget where one team ends and the other begins.

Our team provides additional support to supplement your full-time house IT support staff without compromising your existing workflow or derailing your budget. Whether you’re planning a server virtualization platform or you just need an extra pair of hands for the day, our job is to take care of what your staff doesn’t know how to do or doesn’t have time to do. Some of our most popular outsourced IT support services include:

Wondering why more businesses in all industries are choosing to supplement their existing IT teams with seasonal or supplemental staffing? Here are four critical benefits that may just convince you to consider partnering with Hi-Tek to elevate your next IT project.

Gain Access to a Network of Experts

When you partner with Hi-Tek for supplemental IT staffing, you’re not getting a team of temps or interns who end up creating more problems than they solve. You’re gaining access to a team of trained IT professionals and leaders who are in the prime of their careers. Instead of micromanaging, you can confidently delegate tasks and project, knowing that they’ll be done right the first time with minimal training. Our team has hands-on experience tackling IT problems in just about any form. They have the foresight to resolve issues before they become critical problems, so you can expect streamlined timelines and minimal hassle.

Minimize Overhead Without Sacrificing Results

Because you don’t have to hire on additional salaried employees, supplemental staffing is significantly more cost-effective than the traditional hiring process. You don’t have to worry about culling candidates, training them, or a lengthy interview process. The professionals you need are always just a phone call or a click away.

Diversify Your Team’s Skill Set

By working as comprehensive managed server providers (MSPs), our team members have the diverse skill set that can only be learned with hands-on experience. Supplemental staffing offers the opportunity for a symbiotic relationship. Your team can learn from ours, and ours can learn from yours. At the same time, if your team doesn’t quite have the experience required to successfully deploy your next IT project, you can tell us what you need, and we’ll pair you with the professionals you need to fill that void as cost effectively as possible.

Achieve a More Objective Perspective

Nobody knows the intricacies of your network operations better than your in-house IT staff. However, they often deal with the same problems and systems day in and day out. Supplemental staffing offers the opportunity to refresh your team’s perspective with a more objective assessment of your existing network. As an outside perspective, an outside staff member is more likely to provide an objective outlook without getting involved in politics. If your team has been struggling with the same problem repeatedly, bringing in supplemental staff may just be the catalyst they need to try tackling the challenge from a different angle.

Long Island IT Support

If your Long Island business is looking to partner with the finest IT professionals in the industry, contact our team at Hi-Tek Data today. We’ll take the time to understand your unique needs and goals, so we can pair you with the ideal IT professionals.