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Regardless of the size of your business or your industry, you are a target for cybercriminals. All it takes is the loss of one customer’s data, and you are faced with consequences that are costly. The best strategy is to leave the security of your network in the expert hands of Hi-Tek Data. We assess your risk, put the right tools, training, and processes in place, and use our experience and knowledge to adapt to an ever-changing array of cyber threats.

CISO Services

Our CISO services act as your virtual information security officer that will customize a top-down network security and disaster recovery strategy without the need to hire a c-level employee.


Your information security processes are subject to a number of industry and government regulations. Hi-Tek will make sure you are compliant and always ready to respond to internal or external audits.

Identity Management

Improve accessibility without compromising your network security or complicating your processes. Our solutions allow your users to access their information while allowing for scalable password and account management.

Ransomware Prevention

Data loss due to ransomware is costly, frustrating, and ultimately, preventable. Protect yourself from data breaches and choose a ransomware solution that will last with our comprehensive ransomware and phishing attack protection solutions.

Risk Assessment

The internet is a global marketplace and the threat to your business’s security are many. Our comprehensive risk analysis and penetration testing services will make sure there aren’t any weak areas of your system that are open to exploitation.

Security Awareness Training

The best cybersecurity protection doesn’t lie in the software you install or the hardware you use, it is how well your employees are trained to spot and thwart cyber attacks. Hi-Tek can provide complete employee cybersecurity training to keep you team up to date.

SIEM Services – Intrusion Protection

Managed security information and event management solutions will provide you with a strategic view of trends, activity, and security of your network. This helps us formulate a security strategy and adapt it to an ever-changing threat landscape.

No matter what type of cybersecurity services you’re seeking, you can count on Hi-Tek Data. We provide IT Support Long Island and New York businesses have depended on for over 30 years. To see how we can leverage our experience to help protect your business, contact us today!