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The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) cybersecurity regulations require financial institutions in New York City and Long Island to comply with strict rules regarding customer data. Every entity operating under, or required to operate under, DFS licensure or registration including state-chartered banks, licensed lenders, private bankers, foreign banks licensed to operate in New York, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and service providers, are all mandated to abide NYSDFS cybersecurity regulations.

If your company is a covered entity, you need to make sure that you’re compliant with NYSDFS standards immediately. Our team provides customized risk assessments and cybersecurity planning to help companies in the financial services industry within New York maintain compliance with a risk-free cybersecurity solution.

Is your cybersecurity up to the task?

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What Does My Cybersecurity Program Need To Be NYSDFS Compliant?

Your customers’ financial information needs to be protected at all costs. There are several nuances your financial institution needs to be aware of to keep their information safe.

The NYSDFS requires institutions to maintain a cybersecurity solution including:

  • Information security
  • Access controls
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Systems and network security
  • Customer data privacy
  • Regular risk assessments

If you find yourself falling short in any of these specific categories, or don’t know if your business is falling short, it’s important to fix the issues quickly. Don’t waste another second with a cybersecurity plan that’s not NYSDFS-compliant—we can provide a network security solution you can count on to protect your customers’ financial information.

Implement A Cybersecurity Solution You Can Count On

If your financial institution isn’t proactive about your cybersecurity, you could be in serious trouble. Make sure that you are ahead of the curve; our comprehensive cybersecurity offering will help you maintain NYSDFS compliance so that you never have to worry about incurring fines or compromising your clients’ information. If you’re concerned that your cybersecurity is leaving your financial information in a vulnerable position, reach out to Hi-Tek today.