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What Is GDPR Compliance?

In April 2016, the European Parliament adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is a policy designed to hold companies that collect and process European Union citizens’ data accountable for information security. If you collect and process data for any EU citizens, your data security needs to meet or exceed all GDPR requirements. While still a relatively new compliance standard, GDPR represents a host of challenges and potential pitfalls for companies that utilize outdated cybersecurity measures. Our team provides detailed consulting services to assist with GDPR compliance so that your company meets every requirement without incurring fines or inviting data breaches due to weak spots in your security.

What Do I Need To Make Sure The Data I Handle Is Secure?

Preserving your customer’s data is of the utmost importance. Here’s what you need to do to make sure that their privacy is respected and their data secure:

  • Implement quality standards to ensure data is accurate
  • Minimize identity exposure
  • Improve cybersecurity measures, so everything is up-to-date
  • Process data for authorized purposes
  • Contractually-obligated security measures

Allow for data subjects to revoke their information either at their best, when the agreement comes to an end, or another party requests that the data be deleted (it’s important to note that if there are legal reasons superseding the citizen’s wish to have their data deleted, you are allowed to retain their data).


Don’t want to pay the fine? Don’t waste time

We’ll make sure your cybersecurity is up to GDPR standards.

How Do I Avoid GDPR Penalties?

GDPR penalties can be hefty—in some instances, a company can be fined over $20 million, or four percent of their worldwide revenue (whichever is higher). While that may seem scary, don’t worry just yet about paying administrative fines. As long as you adhered to the standards they’ve set, you’ll be in the clear. Here are some helpful steps your company needs to take:

  • Review the standards
  • Create a long-term strategy
  • Assess your current security system
  • Continually revise your existing cybersecurity

We provide the ongoing support your organization needs to always maintain compliance. Whatever solution you’re looking for, our team of experienced technicians can help you avoid fines and manage your cybersecurity more effectively than ever before.