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CISO Services

Secure your data with help from a vCISO.

Hi-Tek provides Chief Information Security Officer Services for Long Island and NYC businesses

The complexity and volume of cybersecurity threats grow every day. If your network isn’t prepared to withstand modern, sophisticated security attacks, then you could be in serious trouble. We provide Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, so you can develop security strategies with a trained expert without having to pay an executive-level salary. Our CISO consulting services include regulation-compliant solutions, cutting-edge security policies, and long-term security risk nullification, all at a cost-effective rate. Our virtual CISO service is catered to your specific network, personnel, and budget, so the solution we provide seamlessly integrates with your business goals. The full-range CISO consulting services include:

  • Penetration testing and risk assessment tests
  • Information security risk management
  • Staff training, including ransomware protection guides and phishing training

Executive-level expertise

Without the executive-level salary.

CISO Advisory Services

What do you want out of a virtual CISO service? Our clients look for:

  1. Quality leadership at an affordable rate.
  2. Someone with comprehensive vendor knowledge, but remains neutral and isn’t tied to independent vendors.
  3. Someone who can provide the experience of a seasoned network security executive to keep their network safe and sound and train the existing security team for a long-term solution.

With our vCISO service, you get all three at an affordable rate.

Are You Safe From Cybersecurity Threats?

Our virtual CISO services are designed with your specific network in mind for a solution that is as unique as your company. We specialize in providing flexible, adaptive cybersecurity protection for all of our clients, without costing them an arm and a leg. See how easy it is to improve your network’s cybersecurity with help from a vCISO!