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How to Support Your IT Team Effectively

Business technology can be a huge mess to untangle, but it’s a necessary evil. Many companies can’t afford to hire an internal IT staff, but a virtual CIO service can be just as instrumental.

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Microsoft Office 365: Which Plan Is Right For You?

Find the Perfect Cloud Solution with Hi-Tek

Finding the right software platform for your unique company isn’t always an easy task—sometimes your needs are so specific that it can be hard to identify exactly which solution makes the most sense.

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What is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider (MSP) is more than just an ordinary IT specialist. Simply put, an MSP is responsible for keeping your network and technology infrastructure in smooth working condition.

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Risk Management Policies

Keep your network safe with a risk management policy

Effective management of your IT assets is paramount to your network’s success. Without a clear, cohesive plan for how to keep your ducks in a row, you run the risk of losing track of your data, mismanaging your security policy, and increasing downtime due to inefficient operation strategies If you want to mitigate risk and improve security for your entire network, an updated security policy is critical.

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Virtual CIO Benefits

How can a VCIO transform your business?

Larger corporations might be able to afford a Chief Information Officer’s salary, but what choice does a small business owner have?

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Modernize your network with VDI or RDS

Migrating to a virtualized network solution is a smart move for any company looking to update the way they operate, but how do you decide which method is right for you?

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Network Design Best Practices

How to Design the Right Network For Your Business

When it comes to outlining your technology strategy, network management is right up there as one of the most critical tasks that you need to take care of from the start.

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The Best Cloud Environment For Your Smb | Hi-Tek Data

The Best Cloud Environment for Your Business

Server Message Blocks (SMB) is a computing protocol solution exclusively for communication purposes. With an SMB protocol, users can easily share files, printer access, and serial ports to other users within the same network.

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Optimal Sources of Virtual Technology | Hi-Tek Data

What is a Hosted Virtual Desktop?

The age of traditional network installations is vanishing quickly, while the trend of virtualization is rapidly growing. Nowadays, many companies are making the switch to virtual desktop software that supports multiple desktops unified into one network.

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Small Business Network Design Best Practices | Hi-Tek Data

Small Business Network Design Best Practices

Your small business’ network design needs to reflect your unique setup—the same solution that works for a larger company or an independent contractor isn’t going to match up perfectly with what you need to achieve your long-term vision.

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How To Implement Network Access Control | Hi-Tek Data

How to Implement Network Access Control

The way we work is different now then it was even five years ago—shouldn’t your network’s accessibility reflect that change? The sophistication of modern cybersecurity threats, the increase in remotely-staffed workers, and software and hardware upgrades all dictate that your company needs a solution that fits the current technological climate.

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